Grandma’s Lavender Skin and Health Care Products

Grandma’s Lavender is a company that is near and dear to our hearts. They make and sell amazing home and body care products that all have a signature lavender scent. It is a family owned business that was created by our mother and is now run by our brother and his wife. All the lavender used in the products is grown by our father on our parent’s organic lavender farm in Michigan.

Grandma’s Lavender products are made with pure and simple ingredients and are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. We swear by the quality of these products and have used them for ourselves and our families for over 5 years. The baby butter has been used on each one of our baby’s delicate skin, our laundry smells like sweet lavender buds from the laundry soap and dryer pouches, and the hand soap sits at each sink in our homes. We have been able to reduce our daily use of harmful chemicals by switching over to these products. They also provide natural postpartum care products, such as mastitis relief tea bags and nipple cream.

Here are a few of our favorite products:







Head on over to and check out all the other amazing products they have to offer.


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26 thoughts on “Grandma’s Lavender Skin and Health Care Products

  1. I’ve never tried these but I actually came across them on amazon the other day!! Every review, including yours, has been great! I think I’ll give them a try!

  2. Oh man I am always looking for things that have less chemicals and toxins. This looks like a great product and the packaging is so pretty!! And how awesome to have a coupon code (: I’ll go check them out!

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